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Here are ten guides written initially by the authors listed below. Nearly all are current or recent members of the ALT Research Committee. The guides went live in June 2010, and we encourage users with knowledge and experience in the field to contribute to the long term maintenance and development of the guides, and to suggest or initiate the production of other titles. To reduce and hopefully eliminate spam, users who want to edit the wiki need to be logged in as a user, having first created an account. ALT does not have the resources to closely monitor whether and if yes how the guides are changed, but will be keeping a general eye on them. In case of difficulty, please email publications@alt.ac.uk. If you wish to write one or more further guides, before you start we would prefer it if you would contact Louise Ryan, ALT Publications Manager (Web and Print).

a) Tutoring on-line – Gilly Salmon and Mike Keppell

b) Web-based course design – Robin Mason and Frank Rennie

c) Learner acceptance of on-line learning and e-learning – Allison Littlejohn and Brian Whalley

d) Learning objects and repositories – Allison Littlejohn and John Cook

e) Learning using mobile and hand-held devices – Mike Sharples and Agnes Kukuluska-Hulme

f) On-line communities – Frank Rennie and Mike Keppell

g) Technology-supported assessment – David Nicol

h) Learning environments – Bob Banks and Gilly Salmon

i) Using social software in learning – Frances Bell and Frank Rennie

ALT gratefully acknowledges the support of Becta [1], Eduserv [2], and the Higher Education Academy [3] in the production of guides a) to i).

j) New Literacies – Doug Belshaw

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