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Below is the list of video snippets that Imogen Bertin (University College Cork) shared with the ALT-MEMBERS JISCMail list in April 2012. - PBS video about Kickstarter and Creative Commons - Tesco augmented reality - 3D views of consumer electronics for home shoppers! Avi Rubin - all your devices can be hacked - Luis von Ahn - massive online collaboration (Captcha) - Brands as seen by a 5 year old - Why Siri can take over the world (from Google) - Eli Pariser beware online filter bubbles - IBM on the Internet of things - Makerbot. - Star Walk app - Mickey Mouse brings (AR) magic to New York city - Sugata Mitra's experiments in self-teaching - How search works (Matt Cutts) - Alex Ohnanian - Mr Splashy Pants

Anything by Commoncraft / Lee Lefebvre in their "in Plain English" series e.g.Social Media,Blogs,RSS,Cloud Computing,Social Bookmarking

Anything by Michael Wesch / KSU but definitely - A vision of students today - The Machine is Us/ing Us - An anthropological introduction to YouTube

Hope these help... and of course not forgetting the Big Daddy: - RSA Sir Ken Robinson

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