Evaluation of technology-mediated constructivist educational experiences

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All contributions from the ALT mailing list, anonymised, grammer and so on cleaned up, and questions edited by MvH. For the originals please see the ALT mailing list archives <-- is there one of these?


Question set 1

  1. For <this course> please rate the helpfulness of support you received from each of the materials, tutor, other learners, other people outside the course
    <using whatever scale is compatible with other questions [1] for each of these parties>

  2. Please describe a problem you had and then how you overcame it with help offered online. You could add which of the people in (1) were most helpful, and how they helped.
    25 words would be a useful length description but please write as few or as many words as you need to describe this

  3. Please say in 25 words (or other number of words) how you helped one or more other learners solve a problem or learn something.

[1] useful Likart scales have five points on them <-- seek evidence

Question set 2

Based on Stephen’s Brookfield critical theory of adult learning:

  1. At what moments in the online experience you faced this term did you feel most engaged with what was happening online?

  2. At what moment in the online experience you faced this term were you most distanced from what was happening online?

Question set 3

Based on a member's own experience while participating in a MOOC:

  1. At what moment in the online experience you faced this term did you feel most lost?

Note that only asking one question about negative experiences is likely to produce a skewed data set

Question set 4

Specifically developed for blended learning evaluation, based on an approach adapted from Herzberg’s approach that led to his Motivation & Hygiene Theory \[reference to phd\]. Although blended learning focused,the questionnaire may well be adaptable to any learning environment.

I would like you to describe, in as much detail as possible, a time when you felt especially good and/or bad about your studies.

Talk about anything you feel is relevant about the event(s) and your feelings at that time, as well as any consequences that ensued.


  • Consider what happened (the event), how did it happen and how long did it go on for.
  • Consider how you felt at the time, why you felt like that and how long did the feeling(s) last.
  • Consider how your feeling(s) affected your studies and how long the affects lasted.
  • Consider how seriously your feelings were affected. Indicate which number on the scale below represents how strong you think that good or bad feeling was.
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