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Information is presented as a features table, including advantages, disadvantages, and user-cases. This will allow users to rate products to their own specific requirements rather than to provide a set of recommendations besed on criteria set by a specific requirement. Cost is based on Amazon UK price as a standard at December 2011 - items may be available elsewhere cheaper.

Model Type Cost Advantages Disadvantages Output Connection Power Best use cases

Alesis Podcasting Kit

desktop £89.00 kit includes commentator style mic, headphones, stable desktop stand product discontinued usb usb podcasting

Blue Snowball mic

desktop £65.09 high quality sound, options for 90 to 360 degree pick-up usb usb music, podcasting, interview, skype

Blue Snowflake mic

desktop £34.99 portable, high quality sound, 360 or 90 degree pick-up sensitive to computer 'hum' usb usb music, podcasting, interview, skype

Edirol R09

standalone £257.00 robust, external mic option, excellent sound quality product discontinued mp3, wav usb 2 AA battery music, lecture capture, interview

Logitech stick mic

desktop £12.70 clear voice recording, noise cancelling - doesn't pick up sound unless close to mic doesn't pick up sound unless close to mic usb usb skype, podcasting

Logitech's Clearchat Comfort

headset £28.99 clear spoken sound (though note disadvantages) uncomfortable to wear for long periods, issues with voice recognition software usb usb skype, podcasting

Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000

headset £14.99 plug-n-play issues reported usb usb podcasting, skype

Olympus VN-3100PC

standalone £29.99 Clear screen display, multiple folders for organising clips default mic metallic sound quality but can replace with external mic; needs software installed on user PC .wav usb 2 AAA batteries interview, lecture capture

Olympus WS 650S

standalone £60.00 stereo mic, large lcd screen, speech-to-text option, customisable pick-up settings, jack for external mic usb cable not supplied by default mp3, wma usb 2 AAA batteries memo, lecture capture, interview

Samson C03U

standalone £99.00 extremely high sound quality, wide range of pick-up options usb usb music, lecture capture, podcasting

Samson Go-mic

desktop £39.00 portable usb usb podcasting, interview, skype

Zoom H1

standalone £79.00 high quality stereo sound, easy to use plastic (fragile), accessory pack (separate purchase) probably a 'must have' wav usb 1 AA battery, mains option music, podcasting, lecture capture, interview

Zoom H2 Handy Recorder

standalone or desktop £119.00 high quality stereo sound, options for 90 to 360 degree pick-up sensitive to handling noise wav, mp3 usb 2 AA battery, usb music, podcasting, lecture capture, interview
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