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OK, if you really get stuck just ask Mark van Harmelen for help. But the following should be a complete guide.

Jump straight to 6 below if you just want to see what syntax to use and don't want any other help


What kind of images to use

If the image is a line drawing then its probably best to generate a PNG format image if you can. PNG is a lossless compression format, so you don't loose any detail.

However, if the image contains lots of colour or tones (like the image used in this example) it's best to use a JPG format image, since this is more space efficient. JPG images tend to radically swell in size for large images, Photoshop etc. can be used to make them smaller in terms of numbers of pixels (ask Mark if you would like him to process images for you).

Using a modern browser is a help

I assume you use a browser with tabs, eg Firefox, Flock, modern IE, Opera. If not, its time to upgrade :-)

Uploading images

To upload images from your local machine right mouse click over Upload file on the (lhs) sidebar menu, its currently second from the bottom, and choose something like "open in a new tab" fro the resultant menu. Alternately maybe your center mouse button does all of this for you.

In the resulting tab, browse to the file you want, give it a sensible file name for internal wiki storage if you want to change the name from something obscure eg DCIM00003496.jpg which might appear for a photo you have taken. Type a short description, which might say what research to practice guide you are putting the image in. Now click upload and hopefully the system will just upload it. But, maybe, its a large image and you get a warning. If the image is very large, well please reduce its size if you can.... if its just bit over the limit ignore the warning etc.

Basic image use, fails sometimes

Congradulations - you now have an image in the wiki. To use it just stick something like

[[Image:file.jpg]] or [[Image:file.png|description text]]

in your wiki text. 'description text' (see above) is useful for sight impaired people.

Let's see this for an image I uploaded (more text after the image, to rectify a deliberate mistake, too large an image)....

Mark profile smaller.jpg

Reasonable sized images

Deliberately too big! So how can we shrink this down? Easy way first, I'm just going to specify a size, 350 px is often a useful size for mediawiki pages. Please go bigger if you need to for legibility.

[[Image:Mark profile smaller.jpg|350px]]

Mark profile smaller.jpg

You can click on the image to see it larger, but on an unattractive wiki page. I'll (i.e. Mark will) eventually fix this.

A consistent style for the "What research says for practice guides"

Let's use centered images with titles. Let's also make the title preamble bold, using two sets of triple single quotes.

You will need to use the syntax below. Please notice how the vertical bars separate different items, like the width, position, caption. If you want to know more about what can go between the bars, then please read the official Mediawiki image documentation.

[[Image:Mark profile smaller.jpg|350px|center|This is an example profile from an old PLE version]]
<br/><center>Figure 2: This is an example profile from an old PLE</center><br/>

Start your next text after a blank line
This is an example profile from an old PLE version

Figure 2: This is an example profile from an old PLE

Start your next text after a blank line

It is possible to mess up the caption, please don't start it with any of the words thumb, frame, left, right, center, none, or border, or a number, and please don't end it with a vertical bar.

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